What sets us apart… everything!

The experience our team has gained in receivables management has been valuable and eye-opening. Collectively working over 125 years in the industry, we knew there was a better way to positively impact an organizations receivables.

After all the analysis, it came down to putting the client first – delivering service, technology and results that were high above what we had seen and experienced. Making that commitment to quality would ensure the positive outcome we expected and knew clients needed. And, above all, treating our clients the way we would want to be treated – every day, every time we worked with them. These were the seeds of change from which RRP grew.

Our goal is to not only create an environment where clients will feel secure but one where we can excel both personally and professionally.

Today it’s about more than just ‘collecting debt’, it’s about people and it’s about forming a TRUE partnership.

Our Leadership

Leo T. Spreitzer
Leo T. Spreitzer is the CEO of Receivable Recovery Partners (RRP) receivables management company, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has worked in the industry since 1990 with the oldest shared collection organization in the United States. Toby is the architect of active receivables collection. His innovative and customer friendly approach has been successfully implemented in dozens of healthcare organizations and in other collection companies throughout the midwest.
Toby brings his receivables management experience, which includes operations and management of staff, systems implementations, purchasing, customer service and marketing to RRP, along with his education in Business Administration from Ball State University and Indiana University.
He is a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and the American Collectors Association (ACA).

Tom Loughery
Tom Loughery comes with over 20 years of sales experience both the industrial and medical device environment. What Tom brings to the table is a true understanding of listening to what the customer needs to help them overcome their everyday challenges. Tom is a true builder of customer relationships and customer service. Tom’s understanding of the healthcare environment and the challenges that hospitals face in today’s environment, truly allows him to understand the need for a good partner that you can trust and count on. “If your business partners aren’t working as hard as you, it’s not a partnership; it’s a sinking ship.

Brandon Tidwell
Brandon Tidwell, an expert in Medical Billing, is the Billing Manager at Outsource Billing Services. He received his bachelor degree in Business and Science from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2002. Brandon has worked in the medical billing field for over 15 years, is HIPAA certified, and has dealt with various insurance payers including Medicare, various Medicaid state funded programs, liability, workers compensation, and commercial carriers. Brandon has worked at Outsource Billing Services since 2008 where he began as a Billing Account Specialist and earned the title Billing Manager in 2012.

Lisa Morgan
Lisa Morgan is the manager of Outsource Billing Services based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has worked in the healthcare receivable management environment since 1993. Lisa’s healthcare focus started back in her time at Ball State University where she graduated from their School of Journalism with a focus public relations and organizational communications.
She has spent over 20 years managing customer service based, healthcare receivables teams, both outsourced and in-house for healthcare providers. Lisa also has a background in healthcare auditing which strengthens her rounded approach to receivable management. Her ability to coordinate the financial and aging goals of her clients into a service based work team has strengthened the well-rounded approach to account resolution.

Rich Bishop
Rich Bishop is the Collection Manager for Receivable Recovery Partners (RRP) based in Indianapolis. With 30 years experience in the bad debt arena, Rich has brings over 10 years managerial experience in client focused results with a strong, ethical focus.
Rich’s passion for compliant, customer driven collections has led to his development of legal strategies within the collection team unit from conception to working results. His collection teams have been FDCPA trained and provide the collection results with a customer service approach.
Rich’s professional organizations include (HFMA) Pressler Healthcare Financial Management and (ACA) Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.